The Words

Don’t overburden yourself with thousands upon thousands of words you might never use. Mark B. Barron, along with educators, business executives and power brokers, has carefully selected the 100 most important words you need to know today. And he’s broken it down into five volumes, spanning the realms of business, technology and society, and created a quick & easy crash course for each one. Every word is pronounced, defined, and used in a sentence, with tips on proper usage. These aren’t heady words you’ll never use in conversation – these are words that successful, powerful people use every day. You’ll learn a mix of:
Whether they’re right or wrong, people make assumptions about your intelligence, education and capabilities every time you speak. Studies have proven that your vocabulary is directly linked to career advancement and income. The first impression is the most important, and these words will make it count. The vocabulary you’ll learn isn’t full of technical jargon – these are words that successful businesspeople use every day. You’ll master words like Paradigm. Ambiguity. Stipulate. Extrapolate.
For those whose time is at even more of a premium, this edition of Barron’s Power Words covers the same business essentials as Part 1 of Business Words, only in less than half the time – and with British class. If you want the core of Barron’s Business Power Words – just the words and their definitions – look no further. Here, you’ll master words like Reciprocal. Ambiguity. Incentivize. Extrapolate.
Perception is everything. If you have the confidence to present yourself as a successful, upper-class breadwinner, then people will believe it. These words will let successful people know you belong in their ranks, with words like Chic. Highbrow. Ostentatious. Persnickety. But just as important is your ability to flourish in social situations. You’re more likely to establish successful relationships inside the office if you can comfortably engage with others in their own language outside the office. Learn words and phrases that will make you appear cosmopolitan, street-smart and worldly.